Shorts Session 2

11am Sunday 8th October - Showcase Cinema de Lux

A well-spoken psycho, a life well lived, a harsh story of relevance, sibling issues, a sled between friends, kick ass ladies fetch more than water, an unwanted baby, and a not so routine stakeout make up the final instalment of short films at NOTTIFF17.

Plus Q and A's with When I'll be Gone director Justin Richard-Dostie, Jonah director Michael Maschina and Cul-de-sac director Nick Flügge.

New Age, Olde English

Directed by: Hayden Croft


Starring: Caitlin Marshall, David McCusker

Runtime: 14 Minutes

English Language

On a strange night in a strange world, a hitchhiker is picked up by a well-spoken man. It is only once the hitcher is in the car and the two are moving at high speeds that darkly comedic yet terrifying revelations begin to surface.


My Pretty Pony

Directed by: Maciej Barczewski


Starring: Marian Dziedziel, Mateusz Broda

Runtime: 13 Minutes

Polish Language - English Subtitles

An elderly man, nearing death, gives his young grandson an unusual gift and tells him about the transient nature of time.

My Pretty Pony Image.jpg


Directed by: Michael Maschina



Runtime: 13 Minutes

English Language

Austria, 2015. It's pitch dark in the night and a lorry is trying to reach the Austrian border. A group of Syrian refugees is hidden in its interior. A girl trembles in the dark while a woman tries to sooth her narrating a story. They are both waiting to get into Austria. 


The Sled

Directed by: Emanuela Ponzano



Runtime: 19 Minutes

Italian Language- English Subtitles

A sled brings together two boys from different countries and cultures and carries them through the winter woods of the Italian mountains, far away from their parents' prejudices and isolation. Two children, one sled and a lasting friendship.

When I'll be Gone

Directed by: Justin Richard-Dostie


Starring: Eve Lemieux, Jean-François Pronovost

Runtime: 16 Minutes

French Language - English Subtitles

Ariane’s grandmother is dead and her brother Simon just broke up with his longtime girlfriend. Putting their differences aside, the grief stricken brother and sister embark on a road trip to their grandmother’s funeral.

when ill be gone still.jpg

Jack and Jill

Directed by: Nikhil Melnechuk


Starring: Melissa Jackson, Ellen Hollman, Damian Young, Michelle Hendley

Runtime: 15 Minutes

English Language

Two roving tough girls wreak small-town havoc and seek redemption.


Pregnant Pause

Directed by: Alice Seabright

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Jake Davies, Sally Phillips

Runtime: 13 Minutes

English Language

Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.



Directed by: Nick Flügge

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Mike Wozniak, Lucy Pearman, Ben Frimston

Runtime: 12 Minutes

English Language

A private detective has a routine stake-out ruined by his sister intent on fixing his life.

11am Sunday 8th October - Showcase Cinema de Lux

Plus Q and A's with When I'll be Gone director Justin Richard-Dostie, Jonah director Michael Maschina and Cul-de-sac director Nick Flügge.

cul de sac still.jpg