Shorts Session 1

11am Saturday 7th October - Showcase Cinema de Lux

A wayward dad, ‘til Death Do Us Part, a kidnapping, heart of the Big Apple, hallucinations, God is an author, the start of something, dark times, and a wolf on the street, are what’s in store for NOTIFF17’s first selection of shorts.

Plus Q and A with The Knock director Philip Stevens, I am God and Severely Underqualified director Theo Gelernter, Kidnapping of Richard Franco director Dan Clark and Magic Mushrooms director Sean Wainsteim.

The Knock

Directed by: Philip Stevens

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Maude Hirst, Max Willis, Nico Mirallegro, Robin Laing

English Langauge

Eddie's dad is working nights. In the living room, Eddie is killing imaginary foes with his sword, whilst his mum Carol makes his packed lunch in the kitchen. There is a knock at the door and Roger, a charming but unsettling stranger from Carol's past invites himself in


Directed by: Timothy Cooper


Starring: Jennifer Westfeldt, Noah Bean, Finn Douglas, Jenn Lyon

Runtime: 12 Minutes

English Language

Seconds after the wedding ceremony, a bride is stunned to learn that her new husband fudged nearly everything he told her about his past, his family, and his accomplishments—but his revelations force her to come clean about a few shocking secrets of her own.

I Love New York

Directed by: Christian Vogeler



Runtime: 11 Minutes

English Language

In a city where everyone's got an angle, how does you survive? After an NYC first-timer befriends a savvy street girl on the train, she takes him on a fantastical ride through all the city's pitfalls. But nothing's free in this town, so tighten up your hustle or you might just get hustled yourself. 

I am God and Severely Under Qualified

Directed by: Theo Gee

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Melvyn Rawlinson

Runtime: 15 Minutes

English Language

The Writer’s life is tied intricately to his typewriter: he has aged with it, created stories for years on end with it, repaired it and tended to it, and now, alone with his thoughts, he writes his next film. He starts to struggle though, hitting a creative block, and he seeks ways to push through it. Looking for inspiration around him, he presses forward with his work, but the harsh, punctuating sound of a leaking sprinkler behind him leads to a terrifying realisation.

Magic Mushrooms

Directed by: Sean Wainsteim


Starring: Aaron Hale, Alyssa Capriotti, Aris Tyros

Runtime: 8 Minutes

English Language

In a wry reflection on gender identity and sexuality, when an awkward teenage boy and his crush magically switch bodies after taking mushrooms, he discovers that attraction is more complicated than he thought.


Among the Dead

Directed by: Eric Marcus Weglehner



Runtime: 16 Minutes

German Language - English Subtitles

Mortuary assistant Erich is trying to get his daughter Julia on the phone—without success. Attentively, he drives around the small town until he spots Julia and her friends on a girls‘ night out. In order to reestablish a closer relationship with his daughter so as to help her understand the true meaning of life, he comes up with the idea to convey his world view to her. The film tells the story of a man, whose word view, narrow-mindedness and selfishness lead him into disaster.

The Kidnapping of Richard Franco

Directed by: Dan Clark

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Daniel Rigby, Kelly Wenham and Partick Baladi (The Office, Mistresses).

Runtime: 13 Minutes

English Language

A comedy thriller about a desperate married couple, Brian and Maggie, who kidnap Richard Franco, a has-been movie star, for money to help their struggling relationship. But when Franco's ex wife agrees to pay the ransom, Franco tells his kidnappers he doesn't want to go.



Directed by: Guillaume Fradin

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Shanice Stewart-Jones

Runtime: 12 Minutes

English Language

A young female astronaut trains for the first expedition to Mars.


Grimm Street

Directed by: Siri Rodnes

(United Kingdom)

Starring: Sarah Miele, Vivien Graham

Runtime: 16 Minutes

English Language

Teenager Rose Hawthorne has always relied on her imagination to make sense of the world, but today Rose’s story takes a dark turn. With her health deteriorating fast, Rose’s reality merges with her fairy tale world. There’s a wolf on her street and he’s coming for her.

11am Saturday 7th October - Showcase Cinema de Lux

Plus Q and A with The Knock director Philip Stevens, I am God and Severely Underqualified director Theo Gelernter, Kidnapping of Richard Franco director Dan Clark and Magic Mushrooms director Sean Wainsteim.

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